We have a variety of specialist equipment designed specifically to clean and clear pipes using high pressure water jetting. 

Van Jetting Units

Our Van Jetting units are ideal for domestic locations or for multiple short pipe lengths. Van Jetting is very effective and, with up to 300 metres of hose and various different jetting heads including root cutters, it can be used on many different types of drains and obstructions. These rigs also carry small light weight camera units, to assist in the detection of blockages. Overall, this makes Van Jetting Units highly flexible for a wide variety of jetting projects.

HGV Recyclers

Our HGV Recycler units are the latest in jetting technology. Recycler Jetters have the ability to remove large volumes of silt, debris, and roots. Alongside this, they clean sewers, drains and culverts ranging from 100mm upwards.  With Oneline's Recycler Jetter, water sucked up from the sewer pipe is strained of sludge and recycled, so it can be re-used for cleaning. This yields the most efficient high pressure cleaning, and is the most environmentally friendly method on the market.

Wider benefits of HGV Recyclers:

  • Longer and more efficient working hours due to less time spent driving to refill with water.
  • Higher number of cleaned pipe metres per day, with more efficient cleaning though the continuous recycling of jetting water.
  • Decreased environmental strain and lower costs due to lower fuel and water consumption.
  • Completely self-sufficient and fully automatic water cleaning system.
  • Level controlled cleaning filter built into the sludge tank ensures full use of the tank capacity

Our Recycler is equipped with the following equipment:

  • Works at high pressures with large volumes of water
  • A large hydraulically operated hose reel mounted with at least 240m of 5/4" jetting hose
  • Deep suction vacuum pump with the capability to suck down to depths of 25m and more
  • Multiple jet ends for all applications including on board root cutters
  • Additional hose available for those far-reaching jobs
  • Reversing camera for safe manoeuvring around sites