All of Oneline's staff are fully trained to Water Industry standard including the following:

  • MSCC4 trained (CCTV surveyors)

  • OS26X trained (Manhole surveyors)

  • Water Association trained (Jetting Operatives)

  • Confined Space trained (All)

  • Unit 2 and 10 Streetworks (All)

  • Manual Handing trained (All)

  • First aid trained (All)

  • National Water Hygiene card (All)

  • Construction Skills Certificate Scheme Approved (All)

  • Cable Avoidance Trained (As necessary to role)

Oneline are conscious of the public's safety concerns. Oneline recommends that when answering the door to any tradesmen or business visitors, you ask for an identity card and check it carefully. At Oneline, each member of the team is issued with a company branded ID card for your safety. The office team are on hand to verify representatives, should you wish to do so.




High Pressure jetting TEAM (Van Pack)


HGV High pressure jetting TEAM (Recycler)


Tanker team