Oneline delivers drainage lesson to local primary school

Late last summer, we visited another local primary school with our Sputnik water jetting recycler (when it was brand new, never used - and clean!). Ian gave an introductory talk on drains and sewers, talking the children through what they can and can't flush down their toilet.

In addition he used two large bowls of water to show how easily toilet paper breaks up in water and how 'flushable' wipes do not break down. Finally, we had a fun game to demonstrate the suction of the recyler. The children rolled tennis balls across the lawn and watched how, even on the lowest power, the suction hose sucked up the balls! We had great feedback from the school, it was nice to do something in the local community.

Oneline provides CCTV footage to Develop Training

Develop training has recently released the MSCC5 Sewer Classification Conversion Course. Four fully trained surveyors from Oneline were the very first to attend this course and upgrade from edition 4 to edition 5. During the course, it was identified that they were in need of updated course materials. Oneline have since recorded special anonymous sections of pipe, so that students can practice coding with high quality video footage. We have also sent over crisp images of fat build up, roots, cracks, fractures, obstables protruding through pipes, holes and collapses - which will also help beginners start to get used to identifying structural and operational issues and the appropriate codes for them.

CCTV Surveying Vehicles

We have now had our bespoke CCTV surveying vehicles on the road for over a year. Customers have been impressed with the extra large crawler unit they hold, which is heavy weight and has specialist wheels, making it ideal for work in sewers with heavy flows, and also enables us to maintain a central postion in pipe sizes up to 2m. The vehicle also has solar panels fitted, which powers the surveying equipment and makes the rig energy efficient and environmentally friendly! Finally we have fully functioning computers in the office section of the van, which are connected to our internal office network, enabling streamlined communication.

Oneline receives delivery of their new Wiedemann SUPER 1000 Recycler unit

Our second Wiedemann SUPER 1000 was recently delivered. This recycler vehicle also carries the Wiedemann SPUTNIK Flying Camera Nozzle, and makes the machine the first of its kind in the UK. This means that in addition to major high pressure pipeline cleaning operations, pipes can be inspected and reviewed with the assistance of the camera.

  • Modular system with specially arranged inserts to allow the nozzle to 'fly' along the top of the pipe.
  • High-resolution camera with super bright LED lighting.
  • The rotation of the rotary reel allows the SPUTNIK nozzle to steer left and right, allowing the operator to steer from the main pipe through multiple bends and laterals, up to 90 degrees.
  • The camera control unit has a large camera display screen with OSD and meter counter and integrated recorder.

Siphon Cleaning Project

We are currently undertaking some important siphon cleaning projects. Siphons are sewers that run under rivers. As they don't have the usual flow assistance from gravity, they are prone to a build-up of debris and grease. Cleaning Siphons are complex projects due to the access restrictions and due to the often constant flows travelling through. Water levels need to be kept down at all times, whilst cleaning work is undertaken.
Please get in touch if you have any complex projects you would like us to scope out for you