CCTV Drainage Surveys Prior to Property Extentions

If you are thinking of extending your property, designing a new development, or building a garage or conservatory, you will need to consider whether there is a public sewer in the way.

Work of this type may require a camera survey or sewer diversion, and Wessex have some very useful information on the process and outline some important steps in their 'Guidance notes for CCTV Camera Surveys' document:

One of the first steps they advise is to obtain a CCTV survey. As you will see in the Wessex Water CCTV Camera Survey Guidance notes, Oneline Surveys Ltd are an approved Wessex Water contractor. We hold Wessex Water Permit Cards and we have been confirmed as holding all necessary qualifications and accreditations. We are therefore approved to work on Wessex Water drainage and create CCTV survey reports to their requirements.

Please don't hesitate to call us if you would like us to quote for your drainage survey.