Oneline receives delivery of their new Wiedemann SUPER 1000 Recycler unit

Our second Wiedemann SUPER 1000 was recently delivered. This recycler vehicle also carries the Wiedemann SPUTNIK Flying Camera Nozzle, and makes the machine the first of its kind in the UK. This means that in addition to major high pressure pipeline cleaning operations, pipes can be inspected and reviewed with the assistance of the camera.

  • Modular system with specially arranged inserts to allow the nozzle to 'fly' along the top of the pipe.
  • High-resolution camera with super bright LED lighting.
  • The rotation of the rotary reel allows the SPUTNIK nozzle to steer left and right, allowing the operator to steer from the main pipe through multiple bends and laterals, up to 90 degrees.
  • The camera control unit has a large camera display screen with OSD and meter counter and integrated recorder.