Enhancing your wastewater infrastructure to prevent pollution

Understanding your wastewater network, increasing capacity, and extending asset lifespan.


We help commercial water and sewage infrastructure owners understand their underground network, expand hydraulic capacity, and extend the lifespan of their assets through expert diagnostics and complex asset maintenance, so that they can get the most out of their wastewater networks.

We keep assets compliant through our solutions focused, professional, and reliable approach to solving some of the most challenging drainage problems.

Don’t let failures in your infrastructure impact your operation.

Don’t know if your sewage treatment plant is compliant? Sludge tank blocked and can’t process sludge? Flooding issues near your complex assets like syphons? Considering acquiring a new asset and want to assess the condition and operational status of the drainage network? Want to forecast and plan a sewerage upgrade scheme and need to identify and assign priority grading?

Your underground infrastructure is fundamental to the success of your operation. As your environmental partner, it is fundamental to ours.

How we help

Why Oneline?

CCTV camera kit

We have the best CCTV camera equipment in the industry, with the most expert operators, to give a true picture of the cause of the problem.

Specialist tankers

Our fleet of specialist tankers for jetting and complex tank cleaning work to do the job more efficiently and to a higher standard.

Building relationships

We build genuine relationships with the customer, both at a strategic and technical level.

Added value

We add genuine value to every job we do by always going above and beyond and we never close a job before a customer is 100% happy.

Latest screening equipment

We use the latest screening equipment to wash, filter and separate waste. This leaves a dry waste material which can be recycled.

Increase capacity and extend asset lifespan with a targeted syphon maintenance programme

Syphons are make-or-break elements of a water company’s infrastructure. Usually running under rivers, railways, and roads, they present complex access and servicing challenges. Blockages can restrict a pipe’s hydraulic capacity, reducing throughput and placing additional pressure on combined sewage overflows (CSOs).

Our targeted syphon maintenance programme can increase sewer capacity by up to 40% and add 20 years to the asset’s lifespan.

Key facts

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    metres of pipes surveyed and cleaned
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    reach of remote access HD-quality equipment
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    of solid waste removed and 2,000 diffusers replaced
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    of suction required to clean a syphon

Here to help you get the most out of your wastewater networks and assets

Our experts are available to help you understand your underground network, expand hydraulic capacity, and extend the lifespan of your assets.

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