Fleet and equipment

Oneline has invested significant resources in ensuring we are fully equipped with the latest fleet of vehicles to efficiently carry out all complex underground infrastructure work from tanks to syphons. All our equipment is maintained to the highest standard to maintain the quality we can deliver. The diversity of our fleet ensures we can accommodate large projects and quantity of work.

CCTV vans

Oneline has five mainline CCTV units. All of our units have fully integrated offices so coding can be completed on site, and any structural issues can be investigated further.

  • 500 metre surveying capability with one set up.
  • Pipe sizes from 75mm upwards
  • Pan, tilt and zoom surveys from 150mm upwards
  • Steerable crawler units for tight access points and bends
  • Automatic height adjustments for increase/decrease in pipe sizes during surveying
  • 300 metre link cable for remote access work
  • Full compliance with Street Works Qualifications Register
  • Highway maintenance vehicle signage to allow work on public highways.


Oneline has five HGV Recycler units. Recycler jetters have the ability to remove large volumes of silt, debris, and roots. Alongside this, they clean sewers, drains and culverts ranging from 100mm upwards. With Oneline's recycler vehicles, water sucked up from the sewer pipe is strained of material and recycled, so it can be re-used for cleaning. This yields the most efficient high pressure cleaning, and is the most environmentally friendly method on the market.

Our recycler units are equipped with the following:

  • A large hydraulically operated hose reel mounted with at least 240m of 5/4" jetting hose
  • Deep suction vacuum pump with the capability to suck down to depths of 25m or more
  • Multiple jet for all applications including on-board root cutters
  • Additional hose available for those far-reaching jobs
  • Reversing camera for safe manoeuvring around sites

Benefits include:

  • Longer and more efficient working hours due to less time spent driving to refill with water
  • Higher number of cleaned pipe metres per day, with more efficient cleaning through the continuous recycling of jetting water
  • Decreased environmental strain and lower costs due to lower fuel and water consumption
  • Completely self-sufficient and fully automatic water cleaning system
  • Level controlled cleaning filter built into the sludge tank ensures full use of the tank capacity
  • Works at high pressures with large volumes of water


Our van packs are fitted with a high-pressure jetting unit, that will clear drains from 100mm to 300mm. The jetting unit works at 3000psi and has a 100m hose, so can be used in areas with limited access.

These units are very effective and ideal for multiple short pipe lengths. With up to 300 metres of hose and various jetting heads including root cutters, it can be used on many different types of drains and obstructions. These rigs also carry small light weight camera units, to assist in the detection of blockages. Overall, this makes Van Jetting Units highly flexible for a wide variety of jetting projects.


Oneline has a fleet of seven tankers with a mixture of sizes from 13,000 litre up to 30,000 litre.

Deep suction tanker capability

We also have three DISAB deep suction tankers able to draw waste up to 100m deep. They are able to remove silt, grit and stone for tank cleaning work and work alongside our screener to process the waste to minimise disposal costs.

Other vehicles

Oneline run two portable jetting reels to allow work in hard to reach locations such as steep banks and culverts.

We also has a variety of specialist safety equipment, which we are trained to use, and is regularly inspected and formally tested. These assist with the set up and running of projects which have large scopes or run for long periods. This includes but is not limited to multiple 5-piece entry kits, side entry retrieval system, adjustable barrel mount, herras fencing, counterweight bases, mobile screening units, welfare van, confined space vans and support fleet.

Group shared assets

As part of the Adler and Allan group, Oneline has access to an extended fleet of vehicles to allow it to scale up to meet its customers requirements.

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