Complex sewer cleaning

Pipe cleaning and unblocking of complex drains and sewers to keep wastewater networks flowing freely.

Are you struggling with hydraulic capacity in your network?

We help water companies and commercial sites to keep their networks flowing with a range of pipe cleaning and unblocking services, including complex drains and sewers.

We use specialist jetting equipment, designed and built to our exact specifications, to clear large volumes of silt and debris in the most environmentally-friendly way.

Our team has more than 30 years of combined experience planning, mobilising and successfully completing large-scale cleaning projects.


  • Safety – We are trained in confined space working and have a variety of specialist safety equipment which is regularly inspected and formally tested.
  • Knowledge – Our experienced team has a strong track record in successfully managing high-profile and complex cleaning projects.
  • Equipment - Our equipment is designed and built to our exact specifications, so it’s the most effective and efficient in the industry.
  • Sustainability - HGV recyclers continually clean and reuse jetting water, removing the need to refill water tankers, reducing time on site and minimising environmental impact.

Added value


Removing silt and other debris can increase sewer capacity by up to 40%


Proactive maintenance can add 20 years to the asset’s lifespan

We are qualified to undertake work on any stretch of drain, sewer or culvert with specialisms in complex projects such as syphon cleaning and maintenance.

Syphon cleaning

Syphons are critical components of the sewer network.

Usually running under rivers, railways or roads, they present specific maintenance challenges.

We can manage the whole project, from collecting historical data on the construction and setup of the sewer to understand access points and likely silt build-up, to isolating the pipe by diverting the flow into a secondary pipe or via pumps, bridges or even tankering, if it is a single-line syphon.

Partial syphon blockages reduce hydraulic capacity and place unnecessary pressure on the system whilst a total blockage or failure can cause extensive environmental and reputational damage. Therefore, investing in routine clearance can prevent massive expenditure down the line.

A regular maintenance schedule also allows any structural issues to be identified and rectified before they result in larger problems such as sewer collapse or sewage leaks.

Take a look at this case study to find out how proactive syphon maintenance improved sewer capacity by 40%.

Here to help you get the most out of your wastewater networks and assets

Our experts are available to help you understand your underground network, expand hydraulic capacity, and extend the lifespan of your assets.

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