Investing in our fleet to support growth

Published: 2 January 2024

Oneline has added 13 new vehicles to its fleet in last six months, bringing the total to 46.

Our new 32-ton recycler is the largest recycler in the fleet, allowing extra payloads, meaning it can stay on site for longer before leaving to tip. This vehicle is mainly for larger projects such as syphon cleaning. The fully remote-control vehicle has a 180-degree boom and is the fifth recycler to the fleet.

The new 26-ton deep suction unit is the third of its kind in the fleet. It can remove silt, grit and stone for tank cleaning work and works alongside our screener to process the waste to minimise disposal costs.

The new CCTV van is one of three new vehicles being added to the fleet over the coming months. This brings the CCTV van fleet to five units in total with one additional van and two replacements for older vehicles. These vans contain the latest kit and equipment, meaning they are more reliable, and are an investment in the old fleet.

A new standard 32-ton non-ADR tanker has just been delivered and is larger than any on the existing fleet. This means that the fleet now consists of one 4,000-gallon tanker, six 3,000-gallon tankers, and one 6,000-gallon tanker.

The new articulated 6,000-gallon tanker carries twice the amount of liquid waste than the standard tankers making it more efficient for moving a lot of sludge and liquid waste.

Finally, we have upgraded a number of support vehicles that go on site with the recyclers to move people to and from the site. This brings the support vehicle fleet to eight in total with two additional vans and four replacing older vehicles.

Stuart Johnson, Managing Director of Oneline, said: “Being part of the Adler and Allan Group has facilitated this investment in our fleet as we continue our ambitious growth strategy, meaning we can support more customers with more complex challenges.”

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